Tuesday, 24 November 2015

36755.jpg (310×233)24th o Noema  2015                                          Destiny
Whainga ako: Recount an event using an orientation-the 5 W’s.
Plan - The wave pools
  • Kapa Haka roopu
  • The Wave pools
  • Friday 23rd October 2015
  • Because How hard work

We arrived at the aquatic centre. We walked through the door. THe building smelt like chlorine. I was trying to be the first one in the pool. After changing rooms I ran and jumped into the pool. Then all of a sudden I heard a siren go off. It sounded like an warning alert. This voice came out of nowhere. The voice said “Warning the next wave is on in half an hour”. I swam to the deep end with Kararaina.  The water started to get wavey. All of a sudden Kararaina thought she could swim through the waves. I thought she was going to drown. Kararaina tried to grab the end of the board but she ended up flipping both of us under water. Then the board started to float away. Me and Kararaina felt like we were swimming for our lives. I got a grip on the board and lifted myself up onto the board. Kararaina said she didn’t want to go back on the waves. I couldn’t blame her. She swam away tiredly. I felt like, as soon as Kararaina left I got bored. Just as I am about to go to the slide I heard “HOP out of the pool”! I mumbled “DUMB”. As soon as I jumped out of the pool my body temperature dropped. I felt sad that we were leaving so soon.

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